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Electroencephalogram (EEG)

Electroencephalograms (EEG) are performed in the clinic every Friday with a specialized technician and physician interpretation. Routine, sleep deprived or ambulatory EEG’s can measure brain activity that may aid in the diagnosis and/or treatment of brain disorders such as:

An EEG procedure is painless and does not require any sedation. Electrode discs are attached to a skull cap placed on the scalp. Electrode jelly is utilized to transmit the electrical impulses from brain cells to the electrodes. The brain activity is recorded in the wakeful state, drowsy state, and when necessary, the asleep state.

There are essentially no risks posed by the study. However, in some patients, a seizure may be induced by enhancements such as photic stimulation or hyperventilation. These modalities are used to intentionally trigger a seizure during the test. A medical plan is in place to halt the seizure or spell.

The EEG is completed within an hour, including preparation, recording, and removal of equipment. If the test is done as part of a focused neurologic evaluation, an appointment to discuss results will be made upon check-out.

An EEG can also be ordered by primary care physicians and other specialists. Requisitions can be faxed to (951) 698-7367 or telephone (951) 698-7366 for appointment scheduling and insurance authorization requirements. Upon completion of the EEG, a full report will be sent to the ordering physician.